Shed makeover – Day 5

Posted by jerry on January 1st, 2005 — Posted in DIY, Journal, Woodwork

Happy New Year folks!

Well most of the structural stuff is complete now, so it’s mainly the details left – and that is likely to take the rest of the ten days!

I didn’t want to disturb the neighbours too early, so I started to organise the pegboard – decide on which tools to hang up and how best to lay it out.

shed makeover

I still needed a cupboard catch (remember the corner cupboard I made a couple of days ago?) and I needed more pegboard – so I set off with a list and a purpose. Luckily, Bunnings was open and I was able to get the door catch, and more pegboard clips – but the pegboard itself seemed a bit expensive, so I have put that purchase off until tomorrow.

Back home I set to work organising the wood rack, clearing out the filing cabinet, ready to sell it, and moved the lathe hard up against the new drawer unit.

I fitted the cupboard door catch to the corner cabinet – now here’s a tip: The catch needed to screw into edge of the chipboard shelf – how to get the screws to hold? I drilled a couple of dowel holes perpendicular to the edge and in the path of where the crews would go to attach the catch. Then I screwed the catch into the dowels – a simple solution and one that means the catch won’t pull out as soon as the cupboard door is closed 🙂

I looked at how the cupboard situation was shaping up, when I had an idea – one of the shelf units could be made to serve as a cupboard if I turned it sideways and mounted it high on the wall -So I did – I’ll make some doors for it in a day or two. The small drawer unit is just the right height for the grinder, so that has moved in next to the lathe – it’ll need painting, so I won’t attach the grinder yet.

shed makeover

It may be a cheap Rhino Chinese lathe, but it is good to see it re-emerge from the sedimentation of family life!

And I mounted some hooks and hung up the four spare dining chairs so they are not taking up valuable workshop space..

So now the wood-rack end looks like this:

shed makeover

And the shed is now starting to look something like a decent woodworking space. Tomorrow should see a tip run done and me returning with more pegboard. I hope to get a small cupboard built and the doors painted.

Overall, progress seems ahead of schedule, but tomorrow is another day

Once again, Happy new Year folks!


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