Shed makeover : Day 4

Posted by jerry on December 31st, 2004 — Posted in DIY, Journal, Woodwork

You know how I said I daren’t turn around? Well here is the rest of the shed!

Shed makeover

hmmm time for some creative thinking here, oh and over there too!

Shed makeover

Well I had planned to build a cupboard or two, but an early foray to the shops saw me return with a small drawer unit for AU$5.00 from the Salvos shop. And then i remembered there was a secondhand building supplier in Fyshwick. So I headed off in the trusty van and found a huge cupboard unit with a formica top for AU$88.00 which I duly brought home and then puzzled – it took two very big and burly blokes to lift the thing into the van, and now I’m home, there’s just weedy little me!

I emptied the contents of the two shelf units and removed everything out to the carport. Then I spotted my neighbour and asked for some assistance. He said ‘No worries mate…” and he promptly disappeared. Oh well. Then ten minutes later he returned having rounded up most of the brickies labourers in the district – who were only too happy to help and satisfy their curiosity at what I was up to in the shed.

I thanked them profusely and we stopped for a bit of a chat about what I was doing and how I was doing it, and then promised to get together later on for a beer.

Back to work, I sawed a cutout to enable the counter top to fit around one of the shed supports that was getting in the way, and then transferred the contents of the shelf units into the new cupboard. Now we’re making progress…

shed makeover

And that was about it for Day four – it being New Years Eve – and my wife and I’s Anniversary, we went out for dinner, and on our return, joined the neighbours for a New Years get together – and that most refreshing ale!

The fireworks were good – we watched the Sydney display on TV – and there as considerable discussion about the the tragic Asian tsunami.

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