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Posted by jerry on March 19th, 2007 — Posted in Journal, Music

Well, I promised some audio from St Patrick’s Day – and some audio of the newly repaired violin, so it seems a good idea to combine the two 🙂

Full Circle at Filthy McFadden's

The first tune is Ashokan Farewell, written in 1986 by Jay Ungger, about the town of Ashoka – and farewell to the town as it disappeared beneath the artificial lake created by a dam – in much the same way that part of old Canberra was submerged to make way for the artificial lake. So I guess that makes Canberra and Ashoka sister cities. It’s a lovely tune. [NB: It was recorded at a high level – so you may wish to turn down the volume on your computer first] 😉

The second tune is a kind of ‘wall-of-death’ version of a reel called Tongadale (not to be confused with a small Pacific Islands nation). As St Patrick’s Day gathered momentum, so did our music, culminating in a somewhat blistering pace that just seemed to get faster as the night went on 🙂

I hope you all had a great St Patrick’s day!



Comment by Lynne

Not too shabby there, my friend, not too shabby at all! That fiddle does have a rather nice tone. You should give some thought to accompanying your other half to the right-side-up end of the world next year, and catch some Bluegrass, maybe sit in for a chorus or two. I think you’d enjoy it, and be interested in the way the music and styles have morphed differently here from in Oz, or the Auld Country, for that matter.

Posted on March 19, 2007 at 6:00 am

Comment by jerry

Thanks Lynne
I’d love to hear some real bluegrass and Apalacian fiddle from the source – maybe I should’ve uploaded ‘Old Joe Clark!’ 🙂


Posted on March 19, 2007 at 8:14 am

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