St Patrick’s Day – Full Circle Band

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And what a glorious St Pat’s it was too! Both shows were packed out and the energy was high 🙂

At PJ O’Reilly’s in Civic (Canberra, Australia) we started at sharp with a set of reels – Paddy Fahey’s Number 1 and Gravel Walk (well… sprint actually!) and that set the tone for the session.

At one point a troupe of Irish dancers invaded and called for a couple or reels – the dance schools usually use CDs so they welcome the opportunity to dance to live musicians – and we were quick to oblige.

We did a bunch of old favourites, like Black Velvet Band and New York Girls, threw in a few slip jigs and double jigs and generally had a great time. Then it was time for a quick pack up (ie hurl everything into Jerry’s van) and drive to Kingston to set up at Filthy McFadden’s where we played from 5.00pm-8.30pm.
Full Circle live at PJ O’Reilly’s

Full Circle at PJ OReilly's

Full Circle at PJ OReilly's
…not bad bowing technique!

Full Circle at PJ OReilly's
Hmm – those mic stand drink holders are handy!

Full Circle live at Filthy McFadden’s

There was little time for a sound check, but the sound was quickly sorted – and it got better by the end of the first bracket. The audience were great calling out requests, getting up and dancing and having a great time. At the end of the evening we were called back for several encores and throughout the show there were queues outside waiting to get in – the place was at capacity crowd. Our energy was high and the pace quite blistering 🙂

Full Circle at Filthy McFadden's

Full Circle at Filthy McFadden's

Some said Jerry played fiddle like the Devil himself! This photo was taken mid-leap!
Full Circle at Filthy McFadden's

The Ashokan Farewell went over in classic style – an Army bloke came up after and said he had tears in his eyes…

At the end we were exhausted but bouyed up by the energy – and relaxed with our first pint of Guinness at the end of the night – with two shows we have to be disciplined and stick to low-alcohol beer otherwise our fingers fall off and that gets messy 😉

Happy St Patrick’s Day to you all – may the road rise up to meet you and the wind be ever at your back!


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