Jeans – where to now?

Posted by jerry on August 9th, 2005 — Posted in Journal

You know, it’s the strangest thing. I went to brave the cold recesses of my woodwork shed yesterday – so naturally I would dress appropriately – old tee-shirt, fleecy sweatshirt and old jeans. Now I could have sworn I had washed and dried my jeans and that they were hanging up in my cupboard.

This is not the first time strange things have happened – perhaps they were taken by aliens, along with the odd single sock…

Meanwhile I think Sharon is getting creative again – she has started humming around the house, and has moved the ironing board out of her studio – so I guess she has some project on the go and that stuff is everywhere. This is not uncommon – Sharon works that way – spreads everything out and does a careful visual appraisal. At this point I know not to disturb things because everything is placed with a purpose when she is designing.

I’m guessing she has something like a stitch challenge going, because the last couple of nights she has disappeared from the computer and headed off to the studio – reappearing only for a quick coffee and a few muttered words like “progress” and “they’ll love this”… At which point I nod appreciatively and bake muffins.

As for the shed, well the daggy trackie pants had to make do – even though they’re not the same as those comfy old jeans.

At least I get some computer time for the blog 🙂



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Comment by Chloe

Jerry – Any chance of the Muffin recipe????

My DH had a pair of jeans that sort of disappeared like that too. He grew out of them, so I was wearing them for a while. Lovely, and soft and sort of worn out …

Odd, I just went looking for them in the wardrobe and they’re not there.

I wonder could this be something happening on a wider basis than we realised.

Should we be both alert AND alarmed???

Posted on August 11, 2005 at 7:04 am

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