The fitness challenge – week 2: 63,3355 in six days

Posted by jerry on July 23rd, 2006 — Posted in Journal

Well, not a lot of new stuff this week – although I shall soon be road-testing a new travel iron, given my experience in Europe with hotels and the lack of irons for their business clientelle. Anyhow – the great walking challenge is on, and with six days down I can say I am now hitting ten thousand steps a day. And here’s the proof!

pedometer reading after six days

The real trick is getting a sharp image on the old 2MP camera. The other thing I’ve done this wek is play quite a bit of fiddle, and I’ve recorded ‘Da Eye Wifey’ made famous by the band Shooglenifty. That said, I’ve only seen the music, and not heard them play it. But I have it on good authority that they play a kind of slow and sedate version, whereas mine probably owes more to Ashley McIsaac 🙂 Anyhow, it’s on the computer now, courtesy of Traktion software and a small Behringer mixing desk.

The name sounds like either a corruption of wifi – the wireless internet connection or something to do with someone’s wife giving them the ‘hairy eyeball’, but in fact seems to owe its name to an optician in Edinburgh, where Shooglenifty is based.


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