Shed Makeover – Day 7

Posted by jerry on January 3rd, 2005 — Posted in DIY, Journal, Woodwork

Well, I reckon it’s pretty much done now – today I painted the cupboard doors white and added matched wooden handles throughout. Someone said to me “why white? – won’t it get dirty very quickly?”

Shed Makeover

I guess there are three reasons I chose white – the first is that it lightens up an otherwise fairly dark shed, the second is that most woodworking tasks produce dust, rather than dirt, so after the dust has been swept clear there is not much to stain the benches. And I have a formica bench top where I’m most likely to make a greasy mess – and that can just be wiped down with meths. The third reason is that it’s easier to see stuff – like that washer I just dropped.

Shed Makeover

Anyhow, after the cupboards were painted (five coats – I’m not a good painter) and the handles fitted, I finished adding the tools to the pegboard, added some clips near the door to hold firestaffs and stilts and other circus stuff, and generally put stuff away. I really like the feel of the shed now – it is a good place to work – plenty of room and easy access to the most-used tools. So my goal has been accomplished – in seven days rather than the ten I had planned on!

Shed Makeover

And for comparison – here is the before photo!

Shed Makeover

Quite a difference eh? And the total cost was around AU$200.00 – yup two hundred dollars 🙂
That’s around US$150.00. The main cost was the pegboard and the large cupboard which I bought secondhand. I did have some white melamine chipboard I had bought quite a while ago – the remnants of shop fittings from a store that was closing down. The rest was a re-arrangement of existing shed furniture, some paint and some handles I picked up at a swapmeet/car boot sale a few years ago.

If you have any queries about the project or would like details of any specific item, leave a comment or send me an email.


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