Shed makeover – day 2

Posted by jerry on December 29th, 2004 — Posted in DIY, Journal, Woodwork

Day 2: The day dawned cool and bright. Today would be the day of the cupboards. I set to with gusto levering off the floorboarding that comprised the bench tops. Whoever put this together must’ve used a whole carton of nails! After a close examination of the bench tops I made gentle but firm use of the oft-maligned ‘wrecking bar’ or crow bar.

There was an unholy screeching sound as the nails came free, and I quickly had a large pile of really grotty floorboards cluttering up my carport. Then a revelation… this was not one integrated cupboard set, but three units bolted together!

shed makeover

So it was time for a re-think and a coffee. This opened up new possibilities for re-engineering the existing cupboard space. I checked out the mess in the other corner:

shed makeover

Hmm. Time for another coffee… perhaps I should have a little lie down until the spring cleaning feeling passes. I went back for another look and a think. Meanwhile the other inhabitants of the shed came out to see what I was up to, and whether I would disturb their plans for an afternoon nap on a sunny part of the cement floor.

shed makeover

At that point, inspiration struck – I could reconfigure the cabinets to produce a continuous bench along the entire width of the shed. So with much grunting and emptying of cupboards, a relocation of the stored melamine-faced chipboard, and a relocation of my timber off-cuts stash, I set about moving the cupboards into position.

I settled on a straight across configuration after considering the merits of building another corner cupboard, and with the cabinets in position I fitted new tops to form a continuous bench. With the tops screwed into place I moved the bench I had made off to the side where one of the cabinets had been. I then brought the power tools back in and found suitable uncluttered cupboard space for them. And here is the result at the end of Day Two – a big improvement so far (compare with the before photos!):

shed makeover

shed makeover

Tasks for Day Three: purchase some pegboard to organise my loose tools and attach it above the mitre saw, I also need to fit the corner cupboard door (I did cut one to size but I still haven’t been out to buy hinges), and build perhaps two more standard overhead cupboards – I’ll post the design when I build them – tomorrow or the next day


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