Shed makeover – Day 1

Posted by jerry on December 28th, 2004 — Posted in DIY, Journal, Woodwork

With the rush for Christmas projects over I went out to the shed to have a play on the lathe, when I was confronted with my own slack work practices! Just look at how cluttered this corner is!

Shed interior
So that was that. It is time for a major reorganisation and de-cluttering of my shed – I have ten days in which to transform the shed into a an efficient workspace.

After checking out the excellent Fine Woodworking site for some ideas on good workshops, I decided to build some more cupboards, saving money where possible by re-engineering some existing cupboards and building in some decent storage.

I figured that kitchens were equivalent workspaces and so I looked for plans for kitchen cupboards – especially corner cupboards which i figured would present the greatest challenge. There are plenty of cupboards to buy and assemble, but no plans!

So here it is folks:

How to build a corner cupboard.

First a detailed plan is needed to get the sizes right:

Shed interior

Then select some chipboard – you can use MDF – I had a piece 1800x600x19mm (6’x3’x¾”)
Measure and cut three squares of 600x600mm (3’x3′). This will form the top, bottom and middle shelf.

Then draw a diagonal and measure 300mm along two adjacent sides and draw a diagonal to join these marks – this is then cut leaving you with a diamond shape. Repeat for the other two pieces.

Shed interior

From the opposite right angle corner measure out about 100mm along the two adjacent sides and connect with a line and then cut along this line so you have a truncated diamond shape – repeat for the other two pieces. The top, bottom and shelf are now ready.

Now take another sheet of MDF and cut two rectangles 450mmx300mm (1’6″x1′) for the two sides and one piece 450x150mm (1’6″x6″) for the back

Using sturdy corner clamps connect the top and bottom with one of the sides and screw, dowel and glue the side to the top and bottom pieces. Repeat for the other side.

Shed interior

Before adding the back, slide in the shelf and clamp it in place leaving a gap of around 250mm between the shelf and the top, and 300mm between the shelf and the bottom. Screw it into place with the two sides.

Now add the back. The corner cupboard is now ready for mounting on the wall.

Shed interior

I’ll tackle the doors tomorrow. As you can see, I removed the existing cupboards, and decided to re-engineer them for better strength and fit. The taller one I cut down to 450mm by removing the door handles and sawing the the cupboard along the face and sides down to the first shelf. I then re-fitted the top hinge to the doors and after a clean-up, I re-hung the cupboards next to the new corner cupboard, making sure that the bottoms all lined up to give a clean eye line. By reducing the taller cupboard and raising it a little, I have also opened up the work-bench area in this corner. Here is the result at the end of the first day – total cost about AU$30 for the melamine chipboard and about $2.50 for about a dozen screws and glue:

Shed interior

Tomorrow I’ll do the cupboard doors and replace the bench top. If I have time I’ll build two more cupboards to provide added storage.


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