Table update #5 – Spot the deliberate…

Posted by jerry on October 5th, 2007 — Posted in Journal, Woodwork

I wasn’t happy with the breadboard ends – there was too large a gap between the breadboard ends and the rest of the table top, and I wasn’t happy with the amount of play in the end dowels. So, as the saying goes “if it offends thee, cut it off…” Out with the circular saw guided by a board carefully lined up square and clamped to the table.

I then chiseled off the stubs and re-dressed the jarrah on the jointer. Next, I re-drilled the outer dowel holes so there was only about 3mm play to allow for expansion and reassembled the ends. Much closer fit, and better support from the breadboard supports for the (now slightly shorter) table top.

Then it was a quick trip to the hardware store to get some fiberglass resin – polyester resin and hardener, and set about filling the sap cavities – using two steps for the deeper ones.

After allowing it to set, I began sanding the top. The excessive vibration on the triton orbital sander attachment gave brief warning before the yellow sponge pad parted company with the balance weight and flew across the table shedding a yellow powder. Well, the instructions did say it was not recommended for use on varnished surfaces! Friction from the resin overheated the attachment in exactly the way that oil finishes don’t – and I paid the price. AUS$39 for a new sponge pad. I’ll still use it for the final finish, but the initial sanding will be by belt sander.

triton orbital sander

triton orbital sander

I’m beginning to see why bespoke tables are so expensive! But we’re nearly there now (with luck). More after the finishing is complete and the top ready to mount onto the frame.


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