Table update 4 – Breadboard ends

Posted by jerry on October 2nd, 2007 — Posted in Journal, Woodwork

In the morning I set out and managed to get a nice board of jarrah – a red mahogany-like Australian hardwood. It’s not cheap – as befits a high quality low volume timber.

And the contrast is excellent. I read a pile of articles on making breadboard ends, but I suspect that these are not WIDE breadboard ends because they talk of holding them in with a couple of dowels. Jarrah is dense and heavy, as is the rest of the table top. So I cast around my workshop for some ideas an decided that some 25mm square jarrah left over from the aprons were long enough to run as supports the length of the table.

I held the boards in with three dowels glued , and ran a bead of glue for about 200mm in the centre, figuring that any expansion would take place towards the outer edges. I then drilled dowel holes in the end-grain of the table top and glued the dowels in, but the outside ones in the breadboard ends I rendered as slots to allow for the movement.

table loose dowel

I’ve probably allowed too much here, and I’ll assess that tomorrow – I may recut these.

Anyhow the top is glued up and is starting to look like the finished table. Here is the current stage, just prior to the sanding and finishing – It’s starting to come together now as a visual statement



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