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Posted by jerry on September 12th, 2006 — Posted in Journal, Technology, Travel

I use a PDA instead of a laptop when travelling – it makes my passage through airport security much faster – but I can’t seem to get the hang of writing with a stylus. Answer? a folding keyboard! I did have a folding keyboard – it lasted two trips away before the hinge broke. I was on a trip when this happened, so I looked around for a replacement.

I chose the iPaq bluetooth folding keyboard as I figured it would connect easily with my iPaq PDA, and it seemed a bit more robust than the other keyboard.

iPaq 2750 PDA with iPaq bluetooth foldable keyboard
iPaq 2750 with iPaq bluetooth foldable keyboard – at Hotel Berlin, Berlin, Germany


It connects easily with the iPaq PDA; the keyboard has a good strong feel to it – like a real keyboard – a good size for real typing; good battery life; and it folds up just a little larger than the PDA so it travels well in a small bag.


The pullout holder works only in portrait mode – in landscape the angle is almost vertical. The solution I used was to trim the holder’s ‘fingers’ back with nail clippers – now the angle is great for landscape mode. Second weakness is that it feels only a little stronger than my previous keyboard, but so far so good.


This is a great portable keyboard. It is truly possible to leave the laptop at home on business trips and work comfortably on planes or in coffee shops or hotels. Yes you can use bluetooth devices on planes – after 20 minutes from takeoff and up to 20 minutes before landing. The keyboard is comfortable and responsive, and connects easily and reliably. It feels like a decent laptop keyboard on hard flat surfaces (use a book if on your lap). It is light and compact – easily fitting into a small bag, although it’s too big for most clothing pockets. Battery life is good – I used one set on a two-week trip, including flights from London to Australia, and the batteries were still good two weeks later.


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