Table finished

Posted by jerry on May 15th, 2005 — Posted in Woodwork

After assembling the table top I trimmed the top to width on the table saw and noted in the process that some of the eucalyptus boards, although strong along their length, are weak across the width. So a small design change – I added two ‘outrigger’ support rails to attach to the table frame so that the top would be supported right across.

I then positioned the top upside-down and inverted the frame so that I could add the brackets that would hold the top to the frame. make sure the hole for the screw holding the table top is a slot rather than a round hole to allow for expansion of the timber.

I then righted the table and radiused the corners using a polishing tin to draw the curves, and cut them out with a hand-held jigsaw. The radiuses were cleaned up with sandpaper.

The top was given a good sanding down to 1200 grit and finished with shellac and then waxed and given a final wipe with an oil polish. And here it is – a garden table from old pallets!

simple garden table


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