Brad Kligerman – Artist in virtual residence

Posted by jerry on July 13th, 2007 — Posted in Journal, New media

In another first for Australia’s ABC broadcaster, a forum was held last night featuring SecondLife Artist-in-Residence Brad Kligerman – a Paris-based architect and new media artist.

Brad Kligerman

As part of the AVAIR (Ars Virtua Artist in Residence) program, which provides sponsorship for new media artists in virtual 3D world SecondLife, this forum provided an opportunity fo rthe artist to share his experience working as an artist-in-residence. The forum was attended by 27 ‘avatars’ (virtual presences) – numbers deliberately limited to reduce lag and traffic pressure on the server providing the ‘space’, and was simaltaneously webcast to where I watched the presentation.

Kligerman has set out to use his architectural sensibility in building both a display space and a series of visual works. He has explored the play of light on virtual objects, and has built an installation called “Hyper-spaces”.

Brad Kligerman

One of the more interesting questions from the floor concerned how he articulated the distinction between the ‘gaze’ of the viewer/avatar and the ‘gaze’ of the camera view – which can be quite separate from that of the avatar.

Brad Kligerman
Brad Kligerman with presenter Funella Kernebone

Both the presentation and the Q&A session were stimulating, and the ABC site will have the vodcast available shortly.



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