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Posted by jerry on June 18th, 2004 — Posted in Writing

Do you ever run out of inspiration for things to write? I do, but I’ve found there are a myriad ways to regain it when all seems lost. Often, all it requires is a quirky take on everyday things. For instance, my partner and I once drove the lass behind the counter at our local video hire place to distraction – because quite by chance we noticed that you could make stories from juxtaposing the titles of movies – we spent perhaps an hour one particularly quiet evening rearranging all the new releases into sentences! I don’t think they ever quite got over us 🙂

Lord of the rings’ matrix: Gone in 60 seconds – the Italian job… a river runs through it!

Then you could consider what happens if you take information signs literally… Have you ever gone into a public toilet and read the driers while drying your hands? Consider the breakdance possibilities of the instruction “cup hands and roll close to the outlet” Or the truly frightening possibilities of: “Dryer stops when hands are removed…” It sounds like a really painful way to stop a drier.

“Fire hose” – another scary thought, however you look at it. I mean, whatever did poor Hose do to get fired? or ‘So THAT’s how fires get started!’ Read latin? That Exit is really out of it!

Of course there are the wonderful visual stimuli – Have you ever tried to describe what it takes to open a door? Now think film – as you reach for the door, give it some significance and zoom in… what are the fingers doing as they linger gently on the handle… and what happens to the veins on the back of the hand. How does the handle sound as it turns… does it squeak a little? or does it whisper the promise of what is on the other side…

One of the best sites for creative stimuli I’ve seen recently is the Soulfood cafe (pointed out by my partner Sharon) – a feast for the senses! and some great snippets of writing too!


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