New Zealand – Day 4 – Architecture

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Auckland is a harbour city and the architecture reflects several distinct stages of development. There is the late 19th century neo-classical style, such as the Transport Department building

Transport building, Auckland NZ

Transport building, Auckland NZ

And the outstanding Ferry Building – seen here from Fisherman’s Wharf

Ferry Building, Auckland NZ

There’s the art deco of the 1930s Duckworth Building

Auckland NZ

And the mix of old and new – neoclassical and in the background a 1970s apartment building and to the right a dramatic sail-like building

Auckland, NZ

And if getting a kinetic sense of height is your kind of sport, then why not jump off the Sky Tower – with a bungie strap attached of course! for the world’s highest bungie jump over dry land. Not for the feint hearted!

Sky Tower, Auckland NZ

The protruding ‘fishing rods’ are the bungie anchor points. But there is a lovely restaurant at the top with a great view over Auckland

Sky Tower, Auckland NZ

And dining is something Auckland is very good at – you can sample Japanese sushi through to delightful Belgian watazooi washed down with a pint of Leffe. You can find the Belgian pub just up this alleyway off Queen Street. The place is well lit and the city is very safe to walk around at night.

restaurants, Auckland, NZ

Reflecting the nautical theme there is also a good selection of restaurants on Fisherman’s Wharf – a new development to rival wharf conversions around the globe.

Fishermans Wharf, Auckland NZ

It is also home to the Hilton Hotel

Hilton Hotel, Auckland, NZ

My room had a great view of the …er… container handling facility at the wharf. The conference facilities, however, were excellent.

But the architecture is truly diverse, and this one was one of the loveliest buildings in town.

Auckland, NZ

It’s worth walking around the town to get a feel for the place – here is a typical streetscape by night

Auckland NZ

And who could complain about the public transport when the buses are so expressive!

bus, Auckland, NZ

The weather was perfect and mild for three days – the fourth showed another mood with a decent storm, heavy driving rain and high winds blowing form the south (straight from Antarctica). I watched one person head out at lunchtime with one of teh hotel umbrellas – he re-entered the hotel two minutes later and the umbrella was a mere skeleton! But still the ferries plied their trade – those ferry captains are highly skilled to sail in that weather!

All too soon, the conference was over and it was time to leave. But I think it’s a place I’ll return to before too long.


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