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Posted by jerry on March 16th, 2007 — Posted in Journal, Technology

It worked for a while, then one day I logged in and it stopped – no sound from YouTube videos! I tried a diagnostic check with Nortons, still no sound. I tried shutting down and powering down to clear the cache. Still no sound. Well, when all else fails, read the manual. I looked up the Mac forums to see if anyone else had had the same problem with a mac running OS X (10.4). And they had. And there was a solution.

For some reason, macs seem to reset their midi audio output sample rate to 96,000.0 hertz, and that cuts off the sound fro flash movies. Interestingly, iTunes still worked okay and so did the midid player on barfly, but YouTube videos were vision only. The fix is easy.

Open the Applications folder, then the utilities folder and find an app called Audio Midi Setup and double click to open it.

Audio Midi Setup mac OSX

The audio output is on the right hand side –  and you’ll notice a small blue rectangle with a down arrow. Click there and a drop-down selection appears.

Select 44100.0 hertz

Audio Midi Setup mac OSX

And close it all up – now your YouTube videos will have sound again! Yay!!

Just thought I’d share that with you in case you’re having the same ‘issue’.


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