Slow movement – music to my ears

Posted by jerry on March 14th, 2007 — Posted in Journal, New media

Evelyn Rodrigues has hit the proverbial nail in the right place when talking about slow marketing, slow travel, slow food – you name it. If web 2.0 is about people then it also has to be about taking time for people. It is not a coincidence that modern management is talking increasingly about work/life balance – meaning focus on the important relationships and people will work happier and be more productive. Creative tension is passe – and ineffective.

Technology may be about speed but innovation requires time out, time to recontextualise – remember Archimedes taking time out in the bath…?  Let alone the orchards of Isaac Newton and Viginia Woolf.

Whatever happened to letting an idea marinate – go through a few iterations first before releasing the bug-ridden beta product on the unsuspecting public?

The speed of technology is a great enabler, but that is a means of delivery, not of exploration. We have bread-making machines, but even they have to take time out to let the dough rise. There are times when people just need to talk to each other. And that’s the rich part of web 2.0

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