A serious Mac collection

Posted by jerry on February 14th, 2007 — Posted in History, Technology

Okay, I admit it, I like Apple Macintosh computers. And yes I’ve been using them since about 1999 – and I do still have almost all the macs we have bought over the years, each a generation above the next. I guess all up we have eight, from the humble 512k through the mac plus and colour classic to a couple of the old iMacs and so on. And they all still work.

Apple Macintosh computers
The 512k mac (with its half a meg of RAM) still boots up on a 400k disk using System 0.95 (yes it’s before System 1!) – the same disk also has MacWrite and MacPaint – text and graphic editors – and still has enough space for several documents – all on a 400k floppy disk. Programs were very light in those days.

But some people are serious collectors and Jeremy Mehrl (aka soyburger) has 67 macs in his basement, all neatly wired in place and fully functional.

wall of macs

And his bar uses 30 mac classics – there’s something delightful about the repetetive design element that is very appealing

wall of macs

Giles Turnbull of Or’Reilly caught up with Soyburger and did an email interview with him about the collection.

Many thanks to Shawn Day of Randomosity for pointing to the collection 🙂


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