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Posted by jerry on April 14th, 2005 — Posted in Writing

Three items of news have gained some prominance today: the Indonesian volcanoes erupting in the vicinity of the recent earthquake and tsunami activity; a deadly flu virus distributed across the world in flu testing kits; and a first look at one of the oldest stars in the universe. Amidst all these cataclysmic natural forces and plagues, it seems almost churlish to remark on a politician breaking an election promise doesn’t it? Why should we be worried about an erosion in health care funding promises in the face of tectonic plates doing their bump and grind in the Sunda Strait.

The way the media has juxtaposed these items – the way the volcanic activity demonstrated precursor signs that perhaps might have given some warning – alongside a politician signalling a promise of further erosions to come, gives a kind of air of natural forces to the acts of our political leaders. Quite clever when you think about it!


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