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Posted by jerry on April 19th, 2004 — Posted in Music

Okay recording prelims begin tomorrow – this time we’ll get a CD out!

I have bought Tracktion software to run on the mac and I’ve found I can get reasonable levels from the band’s yamaha 8 track mixing desk and using the stereo out from the desk into a Y adapter and stereo input. Still getting used to the Tracktion interface – it’s simple but different from anything I’ve encountered elsewhere. But it’s still logical.

Did some levels testing by playing a duet with my daughter on mandoline and me on fiddle – seems to work okay, although mike-ing the mandoline seems to give rise to a fair bit of extraneous noise – including feedback when I’m not careful. I reckon using direct inputs for both instruments should improve things dramatically. I’ll test that setup tomorow when our guitar play comes over. When I start getting some good results I’ll upload some samples here 🙂


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