Bushfire reminder

Posted by jerry on December 7th, 2006 — Posted in Journal

Living in the Western side of Canberra, memories of the 2003 bushfires are never far away. The phone call said it all: “There’s a large grass fire at the end of our street where the forest used to be.” Minutes later I was in the car and heading home. Perhaps a cigarette butt tossed casually from the window to prevent the car’s ashtray from getting dirty, and that’s all it took.

By the time I got to Dixon Drive in Holder I could see that the excellent fire brigade was well and truly on the job, and in a couple of hours had the thing down to a smoulder. Well done guys!

Holder grass fire
Holder grass fire

Holder grass fire

I guess that means there’s a little less fuel for us to worry about this summer – unlike our friends in Victoria who are facing some fourteen major bushfires in the Victorian alps and south of Benalla – Things are not looking good for that part of the country, and our thoughts go out to those preparing their homes or who are already fighting the fires.

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