Moon and fitness challenge week5

Posted by jerry on August 13th, 2006 — Posted in Journal

Digital cameras are certainly coming along Рmy recent purchase of a canon A530 Рdefinitely  in the lower-mid range of cameras, still gives a good clear phot. One of the tests I like to do is to see what happens when you photograph the moon. With the recent full moon, I ventured outside on dusk and there was the moon somewhat above the horizon, so I zoomed in a little and snapped away. And here is the result Рno telescope, no binoculars, just the camera.

full moon

Not a bad bit of detail – certainly the major ‘seas’ are in view, and a couple of bright spots, one of which could be tycho.

Also, despite a bit of fiddle practice – week 5 of my fitness challenge is still just a little short of the mark. But at least by blogging it, I keep the pressure on to consider how much or how little exercise I’m getting at the moment.

pedometer week 5

And it’s better than some of my earlier efforts


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