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Posted by jerry on June 2nd, 2006 — Posted in Journal

How many times have you had that response fromĀ  shop assistant when you go back to a shop to buy a replacement for something you bought there just six months ago: “They don’t make them”. We’ve never stocked those” “It sounds like a good idea though…”

The other day I went to buy a binder – you know, the ones with two flat metal strips and a slidey thing to keep it closed. I went into a shop where I know I’ve bought them before. “No, they don’t make them”. “We have binders with a clip” – I laughed, because that was the fourth time this year I’ve had that response.

Travel technology – do they stock a CD burner for travellers – where you just push in the camera card and you can burn CDs – no computer needed? “No they don’t make them – sounds like a good idea though.” I eventually bought the Apacer 200 in London – last one on the shelves.

I’d like a book light please… “a what?” You know, clips on the book and shines a light on the page – so you don’t disturb someone trying to sleep. “Sounds like a good idea” the assistant said doubtfully “but I don’t think anyone makes them”. I tracked one down in the fifth bookshop for Aus$14.95 “They don’t make them” I said as I handed over the cash.

It’s time I upgraded my camera – do you have one that takes Compact Flash cards? “They have a flash built in” No I mean a flash cardĀ  – for storage “They don’t make them. They’ve never made them.” This time I came prepared: Here’s the camera they’ve never made – it’s called a canon “Fancy that!” Yes I said as walked out of the shop. I bought it here six months ago.

But it’s the simple things – like storage boxes – ever tried to match one with one you bought six months ago? Or long lighters for gas stoves. One response from a supermarket “They don’t make them” I bought one here four weeks ago – which aisle will I find it on? “We’ve never stocked those” It was in aisle four – and they do stock them still.

Maybe it’s some form of new-management retail unhelpfulness training? It’s okay I’ll find one eventually.


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Comment by Andrea

LOL @ that – so true! …
and even when they are trying to be helpful – it makes it hard to find something in a supermarket (just what kind of weird creature decides what to put in what aisle in there?!) when you ask someone for a [whatever] and they don’t have a clue what a [whatever] is!
by the way … once you have gone to “plan B” with the storage boxes, and bought a whole stack of something else instead – in another 6 or 12 months time the shops will all be full of the original ones again … and, once you no longer need them, they will be half the price …
(another one of those crazy quilters … which officially means that I make crazy quilts … I also make weird ones … and yes, most people are probably correct to think I am a quilter who is crazy as well …)

Posted on July 4, 2006 at 8:47 pm

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