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Posted by jerry on April 12th, 2006 — Posted in Journal

Miami is wet, and I am writing this in a hotel room with a relieved expression on my face. It all began when I checked in to the airport in Canberra – everything went fine and the quilt was carefully consigned to the hold for me to collect in San Francisco. A very comfortable 15 hours later and I collected the quilt at San Francisco airport and with a clear two and a half hours checked the quilt into the American Airlines baggage system.

Another 6 hours or so – making it around 30 hours since leaving Canberra I found myself waiting with several other transferees from Qantas to American Airlines in Miami looking dejectedly at the carousel when all other bags had been collected.

I joined the queue – and to cut a long story short, it seems that a whole baggage cart had wound up in St Louis.

This morning it was tracked to Miami International Airport, and thence to the Biltmore Hotel.

I had some great conversations with the airline and hotel staff when I told them the package contained three art quilts destined to be auctioned in support of Hurricane Katrina survivors – and they became especially keen to track down this item with more than usual vigour! Everyone I spoke to thought the quilts were a wonderful idea and wished the quilters every success
happily – it turned up and has been sent on its way to the coordinator in Florida 🙂


Cheers Jerry

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