Visconti fountain pen and Moleskine notebook

Posted by jerry on March 4th, 2006 — Posted in Journal, Writing

With my birthday came a wonderful gift from Sharon – a Visconti Van Gogh (vanilla colour) fountain pen and three of my favourite Moleskine squared paper notebooks 🙂 The pen came with an ink converter so I was eager to test this pen, with its broader medium nib as against the Waterman Apostrophe’s fine nib to see what the difference would be on Moleskine paper – especially given the extended discussion on the use of fountain pens with Moleskine notebooks.

Visconti Van Gogh fountain pen
Visconti pen and Moleskine notebook

I filled the Visconti with Parker Quink blue-black and gave it a try:

Visconti with Quink ink
Visconti with Quink ink on Moleskine paper

And the Moleskine soaked it up like blotting paper! Noting that the Waterman has never had problems, I thought perhaps the issue might be the type of ink, or the ink flow. So I removed the converter by gently unscrewing it, and inserted a Ryman cartridge – same as I use on the Waterman.

Visconti pen with Ryman cartridge
Visconti pen with Ryman ink cartridge on Moleskine paper

What a difference! Yes there are still a couple of minor whiskers, but nothing like the quink! The rest I guess is down to the greater ink flow of the medium nib – I have the fine nib on order and hopefully it should arrive in a week or two.

The funny thing is that the young lass in Pepe’s Paperie gave me a stern warning: “For heaven’s sake don’t take it on an aircraft” I astonished her by saying that I have never had leakage problems using the Waterman pen – are Visconti pens so vulnerable? or is it just the ink they have been using?

Anyhow, the pen is beautifully balanced, fairly light (only slightly thicker and heavier than the Waterman Apostrophe) and has a very smooth glide over the paper – it is a real delight to use!

Visconti fountain pen with Moleskine notebook


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Good Morning Jerry,

Happy Birthday… I hope you have a wonderful day…

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