Sagem MY55 phone – Review: great features great price

Posted by jerry on March 9th, 2005 — Posted in Journal, New media, Technology

Yes it was time to update the old Ericcsson brick – it was a museum piece given to me by a friend who was tired of not being able to reach me. I looked around and found little choice in Canberra for vodaphone prepaid – basically it was a choice between Nokia and Sagem. One shop told me that many customers had trouble with their Sagem phones – then I went to their website and found it full of Nokia promotions – a bit sus. So I checked out the Sagem reviews and found a generally pretty favourable response. Some didn’t like the reversed stop and go functions -hey it’s French – what do you expect? Second, was that some people had trouble with the infrared transfers. This was a critical one for me – especially when I found that the CD only had WinCrap PC software – and no mac version. How was I to download images from the neat 3 x zoom camera if I couldn’t connect to the mac? Answer? The faithful Psion 5MX!

I said to the retailer that I would only consider it if it would connect with the Psion – I would bring it in the following day and test it in the shop.

So today I went in, Psion 5MX in hand, went up to the bloke and asked to test the infrared transfer. He put in a sim, plugged the Sagem into a power adapter and took aim with the phone camera. I opened up the Psion, switched it on and hit the menu – went to the IR receive mode and at the same time the retailer put the phone down with the IR ports facing each other. It took less than a second for the Psion to say: “receiving file from Sagem…” and shortly after it had completed the transfer. I quickly opened the jpg image in the Psion’s web browser – in the process impressing the hell out of the retailer who had never seen a psion before – and I had made my decision. Transferring files between the Psion and the Sagem is a breeze! And I can upload the image onto the mac via the compact flash card reader – so no need for WellPhone software.

First impressions – this phone has an amazing array of features – fully polyphonic ring tones, colour screen, easy to navigate menus, light weight, compact size and great quality images straight from the 0.3MP (640×480) camera – like this flower in my garden:


And the price was only AU$179.00 (and in Australia the Sagem MY-55 phones are unlocked 🙂 )

I guess I’ll have no excuse not to begin moblogging now eh?

I haven’t yet figured out if I can connect the psion to the internet via the IR port in the phone, but it could well mean the Psion will have a new lease on life as a sub-sub-notebook computer that fits in a pocket. At the very least it will be a handy go-between to transfer files. All up I’m so far very happy with this phone.


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