Model plane crosses Atlantic

Posted by jerry on February 16th, 2005 — Posted in History, Journal, Technology

Okay it’s old news – but it was news to me that in August 2003 a small team managed to fly a model plane across the Atlantic Ocean from Newfoundland to Ireland! Called the TAM-5 (Trans-atlantic Model number five) this tiny plane had a 1.83metre (six foot) wingspan, weighed 5kg (half of which was fuel) and was powered by a 10cc engine running on camping stove fuel. Guidance was by GPS connected to flight servos and radio control for takeoff and landing. The flight lasted 38 hours 52 minutes (they had calculated the fuel to last 36 hours – but it ran lean). Reading the account of the flight, I was on the edge of my seat as it became clear how tenuous this whole project had been. The plane flew a total distance of 3030km (1888 miles).

An amazing achievement for designer Maynard Hill


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