Moleskine notebooks in Canberra

Posted by jerry on February 5th, 2005 — Posted in Journal, Writing

Happy Birthday Sharon! kissing smiley and Happy Birthday Greg

Now to a little tale that I’ve waited a couple of days to tell…

The other day I went hunting for Moleskines – you know those perfect notebooks I’ve raved over before? Well it turns out that Pepe’s Paperie in Woden (Canberra, Australia) has a whole new stock of them!

Not only that, but the whole staff is totally potty over them 🙂 I was buying one as a gift for you-know-who and I got chatting with the assistant who announced that she had one of the Moleskine stands as her CD shelf at home! Anyhow I told her all about the Moleskinerie site and she quickly wrote it down and said she’d pass it around the whole shop 😉

And I was introduced to a new range of Moleskines – the pocket music moleskine and the storyboard one…

It was a great way to buy a moleskine – and I’ll be back there (as always) for my next moleskine 🙂


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