China images – Forbidden City

Posted by jerry on December 20th, 2004 — Posted in History, Journal, Travel

Okay, you asked for more images and here they are – these ones are of the Forbidden City. If you have seen the movie “The Last Emperor” you will have seen at least some of these…

Forbidden City, Beijing
The mist made modern Beijing disappear as though it were not quite real

Forbidden City Beijing
One of the hidden corridors

Forbidden City Beijing
The Starbucks coffee shop is quite discrete…

Forbidden City Beijing
It’s the details that count – these scenes are painted delicately and high in the rafters – they are slowly being painted over in the ‘restoration’ effort – so catch them while you can!

Forbidden City Beijing
Here is one of the magnificent ceilings

Forbidden City Beijing
Another fabulous ceiling in the Forbidden City

Forbidden City Beijing
This woman was sweeping despite the fog and the lack of leaves or rubbish – unseen by most who passed…

Forbidden City Beijing
The terraces were bounded by beautifully carved walls and drained by fabulous gargoyles

Forbidden City Beijing
A small corner in the greater scheme of things

I’ll add more on other parts of our visit soon


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