Leonardo’s textile machines

Posted by jerry on January 29th, 2006 — Posted in History, Journal, Technology

Leonardo da Vinci was known for many things – his wonderful paintings, his anatomical science, his optics, his flying machines, his war machines etc – but not so many know he also contributed many innovations to textile technology.

Bear in mind that textiles was one of the leading industries in the Renaissance and played a central role in many European economies at that time.

In addition to innovative mechanical looms and hand looms, Leonardo designed bobbin winders that evenly distributed thread across the bobbins to avoid tangles or high-spots.

He also designed teaseling machines for carding fabric; and a machine for doubling silk – the silk road had been opened to the Orient by then and Europe had a rapidly expanding silk production industry; and a continuous teaseling machine for large bolts of fabric.

So he was clearly as interested and curious about how to solve problems for textile workers as much as for other occupations.



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