British Steam Car challenge – makes camp at Edwards AFB

Posted by jerry on July 11th, 2009 — Posted in Journal, Steam

The British Steam Car Challenge crew arrived at Edwards Airforce Base on 29 June to prepare for their land steam record attempt with the steam turbine powered car ‘Inspiration’.

The car has arrived safely and the crew are working now to install the safety equipment required by the Southern Timing Association – the recognised body for Land Speed Records, and unpack everything needed to support the car – the tools, the turning jack, and everything needed to sustain the crew – even the toilets have to be brought to the site.

But it’s not easy – with temperatures soaring to 100F during the day, the crew have to work early before the place heats up. And the afternoon winds are too strong for the car, so this will affect the time for the speed attempt. The British Steam Car Challenge team are aiming to break the official land steam record of 127mph set in 1906 by Fred Marriott in a modified Stanley steam car. The official record has stood unbroken since that time, making it the longest standing speed record.

On 11 July the team’s test driver, Don Wales will arrive and dynamic test runs are expected to start on Monday 13th July

I wish the team well


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