Chisel Holder

Posted by jerry on September 5th, 2004 — Posted in Woodwork

Inspired by the Working with Wood show I thought it was high time I organised my turning chisels and put some of my new toys to good use.

I had a few bits of meranti sticks that I have been using to sticker my green timber, and thought I could spare a couple of bits to make a tool rest. It was a good chance to use the thicknesser (on its new stand) to bring the timber down from splintery rough-sawn to a reasonably dressed state. I chopped each in half and then took one half length and chopped several 2cm pieces and glued and tacked them starting with the outside ends of the uncut halves and worked inward keeping the spacing roughly equal, then drilled and screwed the ends and middle to the bench on which the lathe is mounted and gave the whole thing a quick oil wipe with organoil – instant organisation. Total time about an hour.

Tool rest
The finished tool rest – two layers


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