Shoes – the body’s interface with the ground

Posted by jerry on August 15th, 2004 — Posted in Journal, Travel, Writing

Consider shoes – the interface of the body with the ground. We wear/abraid the shoes from the inside while the ground wears away the sole. Shoes mark our travels (and travails) as we mark the ground with our slight footprints.

How well do we care for those neglected extremities – our feet? Yet they are the focus of our connectedness with the ground and our primary means to take us to new experiences.

And our shoes shield us from the roughest and sharpest surfaces, and insulate us from stones and cold and summer heat.

So our shoes at once connect us and insulate us whether humble thongs (flip-flops) or the highest technology running shoes or shoes of highest fashion through which we express our personality. What a wonderful invention is the shoe!


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