Steampunk robots – I-Wei Huang and hi tech steam

Posted by jerry on August 18th, 2006 — Posted in DIY, Journal, Steam, Technology

Ever imagined an alternative future in which steam powered remote controlled centipedes walked the streets, or a steam-powered six-wheel-drive mars rover? Well Japanese artist I-Wei Huang has not just imagined – he has built them!

steam centipede

From a radio controlled walking robot to a trilobite steam tank to a truly amazing steam centipede, there seem to be no limits to I-Wei’s imagination – and ingenuity. His site is filled with his award-winning creations. Watch the videos – I love the one where his six-wheel-drive rover tows him on a skateboard ­čÖé

Imagine someone from a distant planet sending this to Earth!

steam rover

A kind of Jules Verne meets Bruce Sterling – check out his site – and check out Makezine for more of this guy’s amazing work


Moon and fitness challenge week5

Posted by jerry on August 13th, 2006 — Posted in Journal

Digital cameras are certainly coming along – my recent purchase of a canon A530 – definitely┬á in the lower-mid range of cameras, still gives a good clear phot. One of the tests I like to do is to see what happens when you photograph the moon. With the recent full moon, I ventured outside on dusk and there was the moon somewhat above the horizon, so I zoomed in a little and snapped away. And here is the result – no telescope, no binoculars, just the camera.

full moon

Not a bad bit of detail – certainly the major ‘seas’ are in view, and a couple of bright spots, one of which could be tycho.

Also, despite a bit of fiddle practice – week 5 of my fitness challenge is still just a little short of the mark. But at least by blogging it, I keep the pressure on to consider how much or how little exercise I’m getting at the moment.

pedometer week 5

And it’s better than some of my earlier efforts


Full Circle at the Valley Tavern – and fitness challenge week 4

Posted by jerry on August 7th, 2006 — Posted in Journal, Music

Well Thursday was a great night at the Valley Tavern, Wanniassa – Full Circle and our friends GiLF (all-girl rock and roots band) played to a packed and enthusistic crowd. It was great to see everyone there and of course, in addition to the Kangaroo Valley Folk Festival (8-10 Sept) we’ll be back at the Wanniassa┬á – again with GiLF on 28 September.

Full Circle Band at the Wanniassa Tavern

Full Circle Band at the Wanniassa Tavern

Of course all this is great exercise and by Sunday my pedometer steps had crept over the magic 70,000 to show that 90 minutes of fiddle playing is equivalent to a whole day’s worth of steps!

pedometer week 4