Full Circle music downloads

These tunes may be freely downloaded. They are traditional Celtic tunes arranged and performed by members of Full circle Band (with Davydd McDonald on guitar for Jerry's reel)- please retain attribution. They are for private, non-commercial and educational use only.

Athol Highlanders March (download MP3 - 2.2mb)

Blood Red Roses (sea shanty) (download MP3 - 2.0mb)

Dashing White Sergeant set (reels) (download MP3 - 4.5mb)

Dennis Murphy's / Brown Jug (polkas) (download MP3 - 1.8mb)

Foxhunter's Jig (slip jig) (download MP3 - 2.4mb)

Gay Gordons / 79th's Farewell (marches) (download MP3 - 4.7mb)

High Reel (reel) (download MP3 - 2.2mb)

Jerry's Reel (reel) (download MP3 - 730kb)

Red Haired Boy set (reels) (download MP3 - 3.9mb)

Soldier's Joy / Drunken Piper (download MP3 - 1.8mb)

Stirling Castle (strathspey) (download MP3 - 1.3mb)