Beginning with the High Reel the fire twirlers wove their way through the crowd, then into king of the fairies - with green fire. Ever seen the Heel and Toe Polka danced with fire? Then a set of reels with the fiddle player leaping as three fire staffs whooshed beneath his feet. Then the finale - a fire twirling human pyramid! the audience gasped audibly as they realised what was happening and applauded with gusto calling for more...

The crowd was standing room only at the dance marquee and they were completely blown away by the spectacle. A big thank you to Music at the Creek for inviting Wisp, thanks too to Will-o-the-Wisp for a great show - Next year will be even bigger!

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Music at the Creek Folk Festival

This year we were looking to do something different - and when Will-o-the-Wisp fire circus approached us about doing a combined show, we jumped at the chance!

Combining spirited Irish folk with fire circus made for a spectacular show. Technically challenging - we were using wireless sound gear for the first time - this was to be a show unlike any other performed at Major's Creek Folk Festival.

The show was the brainchild of Eve Everard of Will-o-the-Wisp and with Wisp's choreography we worked closely together to set the right music for each mood and set of moves.