Full Circle - Band Members

Jerry Everard

Fiddle player extraordinaire - also bodhran (one time Australian champion at Kapunda) - Jerry accidentally learned to play fiddle after staggering into an Adelaide folk club. "The floor was wet and I slipped!" he insists. That was almost thirty years ago. Soon after, he joined award winning Roaring Jelly in Adelaide and chart busting Mucky Duck in Perth. The rest they say is history - and he's sticking to it!


Butch Singleton-Hooper

Lead singer, rhythm guitar, electric guitar, banjo, in fact there's not much he can't play! A founder member of Perth's Mucky Duck Band, Butch is the lynch-pin of the band. He has played all styles from Irish folk to Aussie bush and Classic rock, and he has developed a unique (some might even say perplexing) rhythm style. Butch is one of the few who can keep up with Jerry's 'wall-of-death' reels. He is a rare talent indeed!

Bruce Topperwien

Bass player (the instrument not the fish), Banjo, vocal harmonies ("there are no wrong notes, only varying degrees of tension" - he quips) - Bruce and Jerry go back a loooong way - all the way back to Adelaide more than 20 years in fact. He was recently found hiding under a Bass in Canberra and dragged kicking and screaming into Full Circle, where he has been kicking and screaming up a storm ever since!