and there were some great interactions with the fire performers - how about this as a way to keep the coastal chill out of the air!

Click here for more info on Will-o-the-Wisp

The music sessions were great, and there were some excellent workshops, including the fiddle workshop by talented Irish fiddler John Carty - it was great to get some insights into his approach to playing. The best workshop I attended was that run by the Fiddle Chicks - hands-on seven/eight timings and playing chords and counter melodies - one of the best learning experiences I’ve had for a long time.

We stayed at the Grand Hotel - site of the session bar so it wasn't far to go when we had finished for the night (or early morning!)

National Celtic Festival - Portarlington, Victoria

The Queens Birthday weekend saw about 15,000 people descend on the small coastal town of Portarlington in Victoria, Australia. The band Full Circle performed with Will-o’-the-Wisp fire circus which provided a spectacular series of three main line shows during the Festival. The band was fully integrated into the show - our wireless gear enabling great freedom of movement among the fire twirlers - including fire sweeping under the fiddler’s feet, and musicians being incorporated into human pyramids….

Members of Wisp also performed on stilts and delighted the festival crowds throughout the weekend with balloon animals creature performances and impromptu Celtic dances to a spot of fiddle music.

Three solid days of music and singing saw us return home with sore finger tips and hoarse voices - and a …er…. burning desire to get back there again next year! Many thanks to Eve Everard and her talented fire circus Will-O’-the-Wisp!