Collector Pumpkin Festival

The idea of a pumpkin festival seemed a little strange at first, but one small town in New South Wales, Australia has made this harvest festival a way to put itself firmly on the map. Its population of 150 people pulled together to create a wonderful community event that now in its third year has drawn thousands to the town to celebrate May Day in the European tradition. Visitors come from all over the State and from the nation's capital.

The pumpkin theme is well chosen. As the local Minister noted while blessing the festival, the pumpkin stands for the need for a fertile soil, and for quenching rains - commodities in short supply in Australia.

It might have seemed a little chilly in the morning but those jackets soon came off as the music warmed up. Jerry managed to find some altitude despite the low roofline and was soon playing so vigorously that hairs were flying off his bow!

We joked about using motorbike mittens over the end of the fiddle to keep Jerry's fingers warm - don't give that fiddle player ideas...

The Collector Public School put on a great performance showing what a talented group of teachers and students can do. The students got right into it and and really enjoyed their show. They were well supported by their doting parents too - it's good to see the whole community involved :-)

Butch Hooper (left) - in a reflective mood surveys the stage area and notes that Jerry might need to lose altitude lest he pokes holes in the roof wih the bow...

Jerry meanwhile - aside from taking photos - sampled some of the delicious locally made plum jam, and liked it so much he bought some from Big Momma's Kitchen.

Butch took a particular liking to Braidwood Breweries' Milk Stout - a smooth drop indeed

And Bruce and Butch both went home with some wonderful pumpkin bread :-)

Hope to see you all again next year!