Photography: Carillion in Canberra – a study in reflections

Posted by jerry on April 1st, 2012 — Posted in Journal, Photography

_MG_8219 by ijerry1
_MG_8219, a photo by ijerry1 on Flickr.

Dawn is traditionally one of the two ‘golden hours’ for photography. Over the next few weeks I will upload a couple of photos and talk about techniques and my approach to the subject. I’m no expert and would appreciate feedback along the way 🙂

The subject of this photo may look like a modern take on a fortress but this is a musical instrument – one of the few full chromatic carillions – a computerised bell suite that can play tunes – often ringing out over Lake Burley-Griffin.

Seen at dawn – the tower was bathed in a golden light. I positioned it on the third, and decided to include its reflection in the still lake to provide a point of interest.

The image was captured on a canon 60D at 1/6th of a second. ISO200 200mm/f4.5. Camera was tripod mounted and I used a remote trigger and live-view mode to reduce vibration.

I then imported the image into Adobe lightroom where I gave it just a tiny bit of sharpening before exporting to jpeg and uploaded via iPhoto.

Next time you find yourself up just before dawn – how about taking advantage of the special light – and share your work in the comments below 🙂