specs and cyborgs

Posted by jerry on February 19th, 2004 — Posted in Journal

It has come to this! As my focal length began to extend noticeably further than was comfortable for reading I have taken the plunge and for the first time have begun wearing spectacles.

It is wierd! Jerry as cyborg – with artificially enhanced sight. The upsides are that the specs are light and comfortable – and they improve my close vision immensely. The downside is not having enough shirt pockets to carry sunglasses as well as reading glasses and the usual assortment of pens etc. And I am learning not to move my head too much when reading or I get motion sick from my view of the world moving at a different rate than my brain expects. But these are small prices to pay for improved vision 🙂

Cheers Jerry

mending fences

Posted by jerry on February 3rd, 2004 — Posted in Journal

Finally, one year on I have repaired the last 1.5 metre hole in the back fence left by the canberra bushfires 🙂 It feels good! – the end of the repairs – so that now there is just normal maintenance (at least until we decide to redesign the yard and landscape and extend and… oh well…).