London tales: 5 Secrets

Many years ago a husband and wife team worked at a top secret government establishment. He did things known only to the Government; she did things known only to the family. Many things he kept secret even from his wife. Many things she tried to tell him remained a secret for her ears only. When friends came over, they asked what he did, and he replied that he couldn't tell them. Their respect for him grew. When friends came over they asked what she did, and she replied 'nothing' thus keeping her secret within the family. And their respect for her waned. Many years went by.

One day a journalist came to the man, brandishing a piece of paper. 'Your work has been declassified, you are a hero to the nation.' Her work was so secret it defied classification. His work was celebrated throughout the land. Her work didn't rate a mention in the Gross Domestic Product. The journalist asked the man 'What was the breakthrough that made your work possible?' The man replied 'It's a secret' and he smiled at his wife.

Years later the parameters of the Gross Domestic Product were redefined. Western per capita income fell by half. In developing countries the per capita income trebled. 'Ah,' said the woman 'part of my work has been declassified.' and she smiled.

A journalist came to the woman and asked 'now that part of your work has been declassified, what should we call it?' 'I have been engaged in reversing the effects of entropy' she said. 'Wow' said the journalist, 'how do you spell that?' 'h-o-u-s-e-w-o-r-k' she replied, 'but the rest is still classified.'

Jerry Everard © 1995

© Jerry Everard

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