Arms Control Discourse

Jerry Everard

Acronyms and Abbreviations

ABM Anti-Ballistic Missile

ACA Arms Control Association

ACDA Arms Control and Disarmament Agency

AFB Air Force Base

ALCM Air-Launched Cruise Missiles

ASBM Air-Surface Ballistic Missiles

BMEWS Ballistic Missile Early Warning System

C3I Command, Control, Communications and Intelligence

CBM Confidence Building Measures

CCD Charge-Coupled Device

CFE Conventional Forces in Europe (Treaty)

CIA Central Intelligence Agency

CIS Commonwealth of Independent States

COMINT Communications Intelligence

CPD Committee on the Present Danger

DCI Directorate of Central Intelligence

DEW Distance Early Warning

ELINT Electronic Intelligence

EMP Electro-Magnetic Pulse

GAC General Advisory Committee (of ACDA)

GLCM Ground-Launched Cruise Missiles

GNP Gross National Product

HUMINT Human Intelligence

IAEA Intemational Atomic Energy Agency

ICBM InterContinental Ballistic Missile

INF Intermediate Nuclear Forces (Treaty)

JCIC Joint Compliance and Inspection Commission

KGB Komitet Gosudarstvennoy Bezopasnosti (Soviet Committee on State Security

KH-# Keyhole

LPAR Large Phased-Array Radar

LTBT Limited Test Ban Treaty

LWIR Long-Wave Infra-Red Radiation

MAD Mutually Assured Destruction

MIDAS Missile Defence Alarm System

MIRV MultipIe, Indedendently-targetable Reentry Vehicles

MRV Multiple Reentry Vehicles

MWIR Medium-Wave Infra-Red Radiation

NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organisation

NIE National Intelligence Estimates

NRO National Reconnaissance Office

NSC National Security Council

NTM National Technical Means (of verification)

OSI On-Site Inspection

PBV Post-Boost Vehicle

PHOTINT PhotoIntelligence

RADINT Radar Intelligence

RV Reentry Vehicle

SAC Strategic Air Command

SALT Strategic Arms Limitation Talks

SAM Surface-Air Missiles

SAMOS Satellite and Missile Observation System

SAR Synthetic Aperture Radar

SCC Standing Consultative Commission

SDI Strategic Defence Initiative

SIGINT Signals Intelligence

SLBM Submarine-Launched Ballistic Missile

SLCM Sea-Launched Cruise Missile

START Strategic Arms Reduction Talks/Treaty

SWIR Short-Wave Infra-Red Radiation

TLI Treaty-Limited Items

UNIDIR United Nations Institute for Disarmarnent Research

WTO Warsaw Treaty Organisation

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