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Jerry Everard holds PhDs in International Relations (Arms Control Discourse - 1992) and in Cultural Studies (Virtual States – The Internet and the Boundaries of the Nation State -1998) from the Australian National University.

Jerry's academic career has ranged from literary theory and cultural studies (at Murdoch University, WA) to International Relations and philosophy (at ANU). In 1995-96 he spent 12 months in the UK. On his return to Australia he participated in Cybermind96 conference (Perth Western Australia) and wrote the book: Virtual States: the Internet and the Boundaries of the Nation-State, published by Routledge London & NY (2000). His interest in the internet goes back since first getting an email account in 1989 – in the days of Gopher and then Mosaic v1.0. Jerry has given a range of academic papers, including to the Australian Libraries and Information Asscociation (ALIA-2000) conference, in Canberra, Australia; Lancaster University UK; Nottingham Trent University (UK); and Lewis and Clark College (Portland Oregon USA). Jerry is currently a Visiting Fellow in English in the School of Humanities at the ANU.

His musical career began in the late 1970s when he learnt to play fiddle in an Adelaide folk club. Jerry was at the forefront of the early campaign to have busking legalised in Adelaide. He subsequently joind the award winning band Roaring Jelly, and later, the chart busting Mucky Duck band in Perth, Jerry made some five recordings with that band. In 1985 Jerry, with half of Mucky duck formed a new band Ten Pound Tourist which rapidly rose to prominence. Jerry spent ten years as a professional musician, and now remains semi-professional with former Mucky Duck member Butch Hooper and former Adelaide musician Bruce Topperwien - together forming the celtic band Full Circle which has built impressively from its inception in 1996. In 2000, Full Circle won the band section of the Canberra Irish Club's Great Irish Music Competition and continues to perform regularly all over the Canberra region and NSW.





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